William Knight’s Financial Freedom Guided Meditation

William Knight
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It is truly no coincidence that my Meditation has found you.

You can take the red pill, understand that you are here for a reason and easily change your financial vibration or you can take the blue pill, believe this is all one big coincidence and continue to stay where you are financially.

I’ve  condensed all of my years of knowledge on how to visualize, effective affirmations and the power of binaural beats all down to a 11 minute and 11 second Guided Meditation. When manifesting Wealth you must focus on the feelings Wealth brings you, freedom and abundance. this meditation does exactly that.

Binaural Beats: This meditation features a background song that has 2 tunes of slightly different frequencies. This puts your mind into theta brain wave, this is the same state that your mind is in right before you fall asleep. This brain state takes monks years to learn and now science allows us to enter this state in minutes, giving us the opportunity to plant new beliefs in the subconscious mind.

(Must use headphones)

Download any free MP3 player app from the App Store to play the audio using headphones every time. Try this for 30 days, listen to this audio before you go to bed every night or every other night then give the physical reality some time to catch up with your new abundant vibration.

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William Knight’s Financial Freedom Guided Meditation

18 ratings