TikTok Star Guided Meditation

William Knight
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Allow me to guide you through the event of going viral and becoming a full time TikTokker. What you rehearse on the inside will find a time to meet you on the outside.

I used a similar meditation to Manifest my success on TikTok and now I would like to share my experience and allow you to experience it. Being a full time TikTokker has been extremely fun and such a blessing so I recommend it for anyone who has the creativity and passion.

This meditation has Binaural beats in the background so you must listen with headphones. Binaural beats are two different tones playing at the same time creating one tone that puts your mind into a Theta frequency. When your mind is in the Theta brain State you have access to your Subconscious Mind allowing you to reprogram it much faster and easier.

Download a free MP3 player app from the App Store and listen to this meditation a few times a week. Your physical reality will eventually start to reflect the feelings and emotions you feel from this meditation so enjoy the ride and have fun.

TikTok Tips:

-Post consistently

-The first 3 seconds are the most important, either describe what the video will be about or do something to catch the viewers attention.

-Be Unique, TikTok is a place where you can be yourself without feeling judged. Make an account that none of your friends follow and have fun, speak your mind.

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TikTok Star Guided Meditation

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